PERKz is the common currency of the GRID. They can be earned, saved and they can be spent on different services.


How can I get PERKz?

PERKz can be earned by contributing to the GRID.


Contribution Payz Off

Since we are building together this collaborative community, contribution is highly rewarded. You can contribute with different activities, from testing or simple but useful ideas all the way up to complex APPz developments.


Now Raining PERKz Now Raining PERKz!

As we are just embarking in this exciting common adventure, we want to make sure the early adopters get hefty rewards.

  • Sign up and get Ƶ1,000
  • Create a website and earn Ƶ1,000.

            PROMOTION: The GRID will add bonus PERKz if the site is REAL - Up to Ƶ20,000!!!

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