About GridGuyz

GridGuyz is an online collaborative and social Content Management System that allows advanced users and light programmers to design, build, configure and publish custom web/mobile sites with utmost productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

Built For Professionals By Professionals
- a Collaboration-Minded Society -

So we add a new context to the CMS acronym as we bolster collaboration by opening horizons for both contribution and distribution.
The core functions of the platform are being constantly expanded and upgraded by a team of coders and designers whilst third party contributors can write and upload modules/plugins (we call them APPz) as extensions for both own use and/or distribution.


How is this all possible?

Imagine a grid where all of the players have something in it.


Digital Agencies

When you build your clients’ web presence, the following factors are critical in your mission:

  • Productivity
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Sociality

See how GridGuyz deals with these criterias.

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If you are a developer with PHP skills, then we have an opportunity for you.

We create constant revenue streams to our third party contributors by operating an innovative platform.

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We have several reseller plans for those who wish to build up a solid business without any upfront investment.

Depening of your business case, you can either use our hosted platform or opt for a private label arrangement.



Built For Professionals By Professionals