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GridGuyz Open Source is published in a GitHub repository under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0. License. This open source version is constantly being updated with new features, new plugins (we call them APPz) by various contributors, a Collaboration-Minded Society we are proud of.
So, you play real HARD, huh? Here is the opportunity for you to contribute & get credited.


Create and manage as many sites as you want for FREE on our hosted platform using your browser.
Enjoy the most flexible and intuitive way of creating a website and manage it across any hardware devices.
Push your content to all your social media premisses right at the time of its creation and control it from an integrated dashboard.
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GridGuyz is an online collaborative and social Content Management System that allows advanced users and light programmers to design, build, configure and publish custom web/mobile sites with utmost productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

Built For Professionals By Professionals

- a Collaboration-Minded Society -

So we add a new context to the CMS acronym as we bolster collaboration by opening horizons for both contribution and distribution.

The core functions of the platform are being constantly expanded and upgraded by a team of coders and designers whilst third party contributors can write and upload modules/plugins (we call them APPz) as extensions for both own use and/or distribution.


All ready?

The Guyz in the GridQuarterz

  • Tamás CEO
  • Nóra HR & Office Manager
  • Judit CFO
  • Zsolt Creative Manager
  • "The Wolf" Chief Tech. Architect
  • Dave Zend 2 Master
  • Krish Krish APPz Architect
  • Andris Andris Tester Master
  • Kata User Advocate
  • PratzLee Recycling manager

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Thank you for yor donation and for contributing to make GridGuyz Open Source an even better place.
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