APPz Wanted for


Write and submit extensions/plugins (we call them APPz) to the GridGuyz core code.

This is a Elancer 'Full Time Project' and several applications will be accepted if they comply to the 'Instructions' below.
You can price your APP at your discretion but please be realistic. Only reasonable proposals will be accepted and awarded.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • We will review any and all submitted APPz
  • We reserve the right to award the bid based on the usability of the APP, the cleanliness of the code, quality of documentation and the bid price.

Project Period: 120 days from the date of launch

Terms & Conditions:

  • You must be an expert in Zend Framework 2
  • The APP must be a standalone/paragraph type with dedicated admin interface as needed and NOT a widget/snippet type of application that can be administered only through the source code.
  • You must observe the development conventions of the GridGuyz APPz as presented in the APPz Creation Tutorial.
  • The development frameworks have to be observed (eg. jQuery)
  • Only tested and documented APPz will be accepted. The Author must warrant and stand by to remedy potential bugs and defects of his/her code.
  • Any developer of an APP that contains or refers to harmful and/or malicious codes will be excluded from the contest.

APPz Submission Instructions:

  • Go to: Observe all the instruction there.
  • When you are done and want to submit your APP, go to the submission form here:
  • Make sure you specify your Elance user name so that we can award you the project (if the bid is acceptable). Bid the subject project on Elance.
  • Payment will be done solely through

The APPz we accept, will be selected into our APPz Gallery of our Hosted Platform and you will be entitled to a recurring revenue (in addition to the one-time price we pay you on Elance) which is 50% of the revenue we collect from the users of the APPz on a daily usage basis.


 APPz Development Instructions 

Below are some examples of APPz we would welcome. These are just hints and tips and NOT specifications. You can bid for other APPz that you may deem fit and useful.

Image Gallery

  • must interoperate with the GridGuyz file manager
  • thumbnail view, next/previous, magnify options, etc.
  • different layouts

Form Editor

  • basic elements: input field, text area, dropdown (radio button), multiselect (checkbox)
  • reset button
  • mandatory field setting
  • confirmation email
  • admin interface
  • option: export answers (csv or Excel)
  • option: special fields, logical conditioning, input validation (number, email, date picker, etc.)

Data Listing with Google Maps

  • directory with list view and page view
  • search-able
  • categories
  • ability to use the GridGuyz tags and create secondary categories based on them
  • page view: detailed data sheet with Google Maps
  • list view: number of entries per page settable, next/previous, last/first buttons, etc.
  • optional: rating

Voting Poll

  • selectable: for logged in only or anybody
  • one vote per IP
  • display results
  • etc

Comment Paragraph

  • selectable: for logged in only or anybody
  • pre- and post-moderation enable/disable
  • email notification for new posts
  • etc.

Event Calendar

  • calendar view
  • categories with tagging (using the existing GridGuyz tagging system)
  • day, wek, month, year, view
  • details for event
  • image(s) linked to event
  • option: email notifications for selected events
  • etc.

Subscribe to Newsletter

  • email input field
  • selectable first or both first and last name
  • database saving
  • admin interface (delete, manually add new entry, etc.)
  • list view
  • optional: import/export csv
  • etc.

Any APPz you suggest and WORKz :)


Good Luck!

We Welcome Your Creativity!