Website Building Contest

1. Website Building Contest - $800 First Prize

2. Full Time - UX Feedback Request - $10 per Feedback

3. Full Time - BUCKz 4 BUGz - System Testing - $10 per Bug


Build your best ever website on GridGuyz Hosted Platform and win $800!!!
Test Thoroughly the GridGuyz Hosted Platform

Participants will have to build websites on the GridGuyz platform striving to achieve a fancy design, relevant content and demonstrate the versatility of the platform based on the instructions below. While doing so, UX recommendations can be forwarded and bugs can be submitted. Valid recommendations and bugs will be paid within the framework of the full time project.

Prizes and Payments:
1. Best Website - Gold Medal: $800 – 1 Award
2. Best Design: $150 – 1 Award
3. Best Content: $150 – 1 Award
4. UX Feedback: Max. $10 for every valid and accepted feedback – Max. 50 Awards
5. BUCKz 4 BUGz: Mex. $10 for every valid bug found and reported – Max. 50 Awards

Contest Period: 120 days starting from the launch

 Website Instructions 
Go and create a website.
You can use Sandbox for practicing and User Guide for tips and hints.
Select the “Blank Canvas” template and create your theme and CSS at your discretion. Only unique designs will be considered.

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Genuine content. Lorem-ipsum fake content won't be accepted. Hint: Use one of your real projects or migrate an existing client site - Hosting is free anyway ;) See PROMO criteria here.
  • Minimum 2 pages (home, generic)
  • Minimum 2 different layouts (home, generic)

Bonus points will be applied at evaluation for:

  • multi-language websites
  • Article/news/blog type of content. Tag using is a big bonus critera ;)
  • “Powered by GridGuyz” featured in the footer
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ real accounts belonging to the website
  • Custom APPz are not expected but if you develop an APP 3-times bonus points will be awarded ;)

Submit your site by bidding to this subject project on Freelancer by 1. providing the URL of your site and 2. uploading a screenshot of your website. In your bid, specify the 'WEBSITE' keyword.
***Make sure the amount of your bid is $800***

 UX Feedback Instructions 
Submit your UX improvement idea here: then copy/paste the link of your ticket into your bid to this subject project on Freelancer. In your bid, specify the 'UX' keyword.

 BUCKz 4 BUGz Instructions 
Submit your bug here:
Make sure that the bug hasn't been reported earlier. Duplicates are not accepted.
If you checked and found that your bug is unique, report it then submit it as a bid to this subject project on Freelancer. In your bid, specify the 'BUCKz 4 BUGz' keyword.

Only bids submitted through will be accepted and paid as specified above!


Good Luck!

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